Tips To Use During White Water Rafting

White water rafting is a popular adventure sport in many countries today. Many people love the sport for the adventure it provides. “Remember to breathe and wear a life jacket when you participate in this sport.” “Also, paddle like crazy and keep your head above water if you go overboard.” These are some candid tips received from your friends and relations when you let them know of your intention of participating in this adventure sport. But there are many other useful tips for anyone seriously considering going white water rafting.

If you are a complete beginner, you may look into waters that have diminutive waves. Do your research before going white water rafting. You need to gauge what level of rafting is suitable for you before actually going rafting. Rapids I and II are best suited for a complete beginner. There are five categories of rapids in white water rafting. Class III has bigger waves and more obstructions that class I and II. Classes IV and V are for advanced rafters. These categories require advance rafting skills.

There are two types of boats used in white water rafting. An oar framed rafting trip is best suited for kids and people who cannot do their own paddling. These rafters are paddled and controlled by a guide. There are many companies that offer white water rafting service around the world. You need to contact such a service provider before you decide on a white water rafting trip. The company representative will advise what you should bring on the rafting trip. The service provider will usually offer life jackets, dry bags, spray coats, camping bags and tents that are essential for a rafting trip.

All in all, white water rafting is quite popular around the world as an adventure sport.

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