Skimboarding – The Beach Sport That Keeps You On Dry Land

Have you ever tried skimboarding? It is quite the popular beach sport without having to go any farther than the shore and very beginning of the surf. That means no sharks, no waves and no rip currents. But, it sure does mean falling on your behind! The wet, packed sand can feel like you just fell on hard concrete.

Don’t let it scare you though, as there are techniques to skimboarding just like any sport that can help you stay on your feet. It’s fun, similar to skateboarding in many ways, and there is even a professional circuit. You will see kids of all ages and adults attempting to skimboard on the oceanfront in many places.

Where I live, it is definitely a favorite sport of the people who frequent the beach. Many of them are tourists, but they either bring their skimboards or purchase them at the shop on their way in to the city. Some of them are just learning how to skimboard, while others are pretty good and fun to watch.

I almost started skimboarding at one point, but I have taken up boogie boarding and wanting to learn how to surf instead. I like getting out in the water, and I just didn’t really want to fall all the time.

While adults do like the sport, too, it’s mostly the resilient kids that don’t mind busting their behind that get out there to skimboard. It’s a great activity for them because it also alleviates the concerns of parents who don’t want their kids out in the waters that can sometimes be dangerous.

That means no jellyfish stings, no shark scares, no swimming nightmares due to rip currents and more. You can just sit back, relax and watch them have fun. As they progress with the sport, they will be skimboarding their way down the shoreline.

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