Looking To Surf The Atlantic Ocean As A Beginner

myrtle beach surfing
Myrtle Beach surfing

When I first moved to Myrtle Beach, I knew nothing about the sport of surfing, and as a matter of fact, I had never stepped foot on a beach in my life. I was interested in learning how to surf, but I wanted to start small, so I decided to take up boogie boarding.

I like getting out in the water and waves, as the ocean to me is simply majestic. I started taking notice of all the different activities people would do out there. They would skim board, boogie board, surf, fly kites, drive RC cars, throw a frisbee, football or baseball and much more.

I began to notice these two surfers that would always surf off of 14th ave S, and they kept hitting that same spot. It made me pay attention to the best spots for surfing locally and of course I also paid more attention to learning the waves.

I eventually got a large sized boogie board that is almost 60 inches long. You can learn to surf on this board because you can stand up on it when you hit the right wave. Of course, it can also just be used as a boogie board.

I have met a few local surfers, and I know where to get all the best surfing equipment here. I also found out that they have classes, as this part of the Atlantic Ocean is great for beginning surfers who want to learn the sport.

Well, I haven’t bucked up for the classes yet, but I’ve only been here a few years. It takes a bit to acclimate yourself, and so far I have just made it to extensive boogie boarding with my huge boogie board and leg leash. I enjoy it, and who knows what I’ll do next.

And if you’re looking to learn to surf and are on the East Coast of the USA, then definitely consider using Myrtle Beach as your base when it comes to learning to surf in the Atlantic. You might find that this is a great new hobby for you.

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