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What You Should Know About Stand Up Paddle Boarding

woman stand up paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) may seem like an exotic form of surfing, but it actually has historical roots that go way back. Coming initially from Hawaii, it’s considered to be an off-shoot of surfing. As a sport, surfers need to paddle farther than usual or to paddle while standing up.

Paddlers race on ponds, large rivers and waterways, ride breaking waves, and glide over lengthy distances along ocean shorelines, frequently using tail winds to help them navigate the waters. For some reason, stand up paddle boarding is the one sporting activity that has most number of first-time participants. Maybe this is because most of the top 10 iSUPs are cheap to buy, which makes it an affordable recreation activity.

SUP boarders put on a number of wet suits along with other clothing, based on both water and air temperature since much of their time is spent sitting on the board. An associated, traditional sport, paddle boarding, is performed kneeling on the board and paddling using the hands, much like a butterfly swimming stroke.

A number of river-based and seaside cultures, have always had some form of SUP. So, when you come to really think about it, the thought of standing and paddling is does not even sit close to being a new idea.

From the contemporary point of view, however, SUP didn’t fully take off until 2005.

Laird Hamilton and Dork Kalama developed paddle surfing for that modern waters sports world. The very first “modern” surfer to being the sports out of Hawaii and into the United States was Ron Thomas, a sports veteran.

Deb Thomas and Warren Thomas, owner of the California-based and Standup Paddle Sports, helped to establish the game and the industry in California. Deb Thomas herself was the very first female standup paddler in the United States in 2005. They introduced the very first SUP boards in the year 2006, and they were the first company to have a devoted SUP store in the United States, which opened in 2007.

Another great thing about this sport is that you can do it anywhere – from home to your vacation in Hong Kong. It is definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon no matter where you are!

Looking To Surf The Atlantic Ocean As A Beginner

myrtle beach surfing
Myrtle Beach surfing

When I first moved to Myrtle Beach, I knew nothing about the sport of surfing, and as a matter of fact, I had never stepped foot on a beach in my life. I was interested in learning how to surf, but I wanted to start small, so I decided to take up boogie boarding.

I like getting out in the water and waves, as the ocean to me is simply majestic. I started taking notice of all the different activities people would do out there. They would skim board, boogie board, surf, fly kites, drive RC cars, throw a frisbee, football or baseball and much more.

I began to notice these two surfers that would always surf off of 14th ave S, and they kept hitting that same spot. It made me pay attention to the best spots for surfing locally and of course I also paid more attention to learning the waves.

I eventually got a large sized boogie board that is almost 60 inches long. You can learn to surf on this board because you can stand up on it when you hit the right wave. Of course, it can also just be used as a boogie board.

I have met a few local surfers, and I know where to get all the best surfing equipment here. I also found out that they have classes, as this part of the Atlantic Ocean is great for beginning surfers who want to learn the sport.

Well, I haven’t bucked up for the classes yet, but I’ve only been here a few years. It takes a bit to acclimate yourself, and so far I have just made it to extensive boogie boarding with my huge boogie board and leg leash. I enjoy it, and who knows what I’ll do next.

And if you’re looking to learn to surf and are on the East Coast of the USA, then definitely consider using Myrtle Beach as your base when it comes to learning to surf in the Atlantic. You might find that this is a great new hobby for you.

Skimboarding – The Beach Sport That Keeps You On Dry Land

Have you ever tried skimboarding? It is quite the popular beach sport without having to go any farther than the shore and very beginning of the surf. That means no sharks, no waves and no rip currents. But, it sure does mean falling on your behind! The wet, packed sand can feel like you just fell on hard concrete.

Don’t let it scare you though, as there are techniques to skimboarding just like any sport that can help you stay on your feet. It’s fun, similar to skateboarding in many ways, and there is even a professional circuit. You will see kids of all ages and adults attempting to skimboard on the oceanfront in many places.

Where I live, it is definitely a favorite sport of the people who frequent the beach. Many of them are tourists, but they either bring their skimboards or purchase them at the shop on their way in to the city. Some of them are just learning how to skimboard, while others are pretty good and fun to watch.

I almost started skimboarding at one point, but I have taken up boogie boarding and wanting to learn how to surf instead. I like getting out in the water, and I just didn’t really want to fall all the time.

While adults do like the sport, too, it’s mostly the resilient kids that don’t mind busting their behind that get out there to skimboard. It’s a great activity for them because it also alleviates the concerns of parents who don’t want their kids out in the waters that can sometimes be dangerous.

That means no jellyfish stings, no shark scares, no swimming nightmares due to rip currents and more. You can just sit back, relax and watch them have fun. As they progress with the sport, they will be skimboarding their way down the shoreline.

What You Should Know About Snorkeling

snorkelingEveryone loves snorkeling, although it’s an activity that frequently resides in the shadows of diving in terms of intensity. However, it is a really good pastime, and you only need a bit of instruction, money and time.

Most of those who have snorkeled did so for the first time only on group charters during vacation, however, it is definitely an activity that you can do almost anytime, anywhere, that is, if you have access to a body of water.

Aside from access to a natural body of water, however, you also need to invest the $50 for good snorkeling gear, and you also need to invest a lot of your free time.

Snorkeling is something you should definitely try out, because it’s really a different world under the water.

Do you need to be a good swimmer in order to snorkel? Not necessarily. If you have a life vest, you can float in the water and just watch the fishes pass you by. But you do need to be outfitted with a snorkeling mask and sometimes, fins.

In cooler waters, a diving suit can also be worn to help prevent hypothermia. Using the right equipment enables the snorkeler to see underwater points of interest for longer amounts of time with relatively no work.

Snorkeling is one of the best things to do while vacationing in a tropical resort and diving locations. The main appeal is, really, be the chance to see underwater life in its natural setting with no complicated equipment and training needed for diving. It attracts people of all ages because there’s no complicated training involved, and you don’t need to be fitted with scuba-diving equipment.

If you’re about to travel to a tropical country like the Philippines or Thailand, booking a snorkeling trip should be on your to-do list.

Scuba Dive And Witness The Wonders Of The Ocean

scuba diving coral reefIt’s one thing to be able to watch the dolphins surface, the seagulls go fishing and to hit the waves with a boogie board, and it’s a totally different situation to submerge yourself as a scuba diver. Can you imagine seeing all the beautiful wonders of the ocean that lie beneath?

You can visit a coral reef, look at the many gorgeous species of saltwater fish and much more. There are all kinds of scuba diving experiences, and the location you choose can mean everything when it comes to what you get to see.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to go scuba diving as an adventure, you need to have a little training first. Classes are widely available in areas where scuba diving and snorkeling are popular.

Where I live, scuba diving is definitely a popular sport. However, it does pale in comparison to other areas for a few reasons. First of all, the continental shelf is miles and miles out there at sea. Second, the waves and ocean water kick up a lot of sand around here, making it a little hard to see things in the water at times.

Still, during the spring and fall, when there are less tourists but the water temperature is right, both snorkeling and scuba diving can be a very fun activity to enjoy. Plus, wherever you learn how to scuba dive, you can always take that knowledge with you on vacation wherever you go.

Another cool thing about scuba diving is that you can get yourself an underwater camera and do some really cool underwater photography.

It is definitely important to take lessons with a professional because you have to be certified to go to certain depths anyway. This is for your safety and so that you know all the techniques and of course are familiar with the equipment used. Have fun scuba diving and see what you can find!

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