Hey there friends! Welcome to my blog where I talk about my love of water sports. I enjoy a little bit of everything from skimboarding to water skiing to just being lazy and drifting in a tube down the river. I do hope that you enjoy water sports as well since that is pretty much all that I am going to be talking about here!

I want you to know that I am not a lifeguard or any type of professional water sports athlete. I am just a dude who enjoys spending my free time out on the lake, river or ocean – depending on what I happen to be close to when I have some of that elusive free time on my hands.

I hope that you find my posts to be a cool read and maybe I can inspire you to give a new type of water sport a real go this summer. Who knows, you just might learn that you have ┬áreal knack for surfing or something like that. Or hey, maybe you prefer the lazy river tubing – no shame in that my friend! Just be sure to have a good time out there and to stay safe while you are having fun.

See you out there!


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